The Bella shoe was my very first shoe that I designed, and I originally made it for a music video where the artists' character was dressed as Medusa. Medusa the mythological character was described as a winged human female to have venomous snakes in the place of her hair and represents philosophy, beauty and art. I imagined the artist wearing a sexy stiletto heel with a strap that resembles a snake going up her leg.

The Bella shoe consists of a black embossed snakeskin leather strap that winds up the leg and molds to the leg as you walk. This shoe probably took around 10 prototypes until we finally got it to work. The hardest part was finding a metal to put inside the strap that would hold up the shoe but also molds to the leg.

When designing, inspiration can come from many different places. Using a person or a fictional character for inspiration lends itself to endless possibilities when it comes to designing.