Because of the pandemic and all the shutdowns, we are uncertain if things are going to be open. So why spend money on going out clothes if things aren't open? This is why cute leggings are going to be particularly in for the next couple years. If we don’t have the opportunity to go out and dress up, I think it is important to dress up in a way that suits the new normal.

Here are my top picks for 2021:

  • Unique and comfy clothes to wear while staying at home or running errands.
  • Cute tops that people can wear on Zoom meetings.
  • Clothes that you would wear on a vacation or to a resort. If parts of the country are closed, chances are there are other places to vacation or travel to that are open.
  • One of a kind pieces, timeless pieces, we have learned to buy less and shop smarter.
One thing that 2020 has taught us is that wasting money is a thing of the past and investing time and money in things that last are what’s in. Quality over quantity.